Have you ever had one of those moments when something just clicked? Maybe you were experiencing angst over some decision or you didn’t know how to solve a problem. And then, just like that, it all became clear. Suddenly, you wonder why you didn’t see it earlier. 

The world we live in has some pretty serious issues with God and the Bible. There are things he does that just don’t seem to make sense. It’s like, in some ways, God is hiding from us. But every once and a while he pulls back that veil and helps us see and understand something we’ve never understood before. These are big moments when suddenly God’s plan and God’s great love become clearer. 

In this four week Epiphany (Epiphany is a historic season of the Christian church year, and is also defined as "a sudden insight") series we’ll explore world-changing, life-altering “aha” moments in the lives of a number of God’s New Testament followers. It is our prayer that these “aha” moments will also help to bring clarity and understanding to us and to our spiritual journey today.

January 8th: A Savior for All

January 15th: The Lamb of God

January 22nd: The One to Follow

January 29th: True Happiness