Expectation Vs. Reality

What people want to happen this time of year and what actually happens are often drastically different. Some want peace and get stress. Some want happiness and get grief. Some want togetherness and they feel more alone than ever. What’s wrong? Often, we base our expectations on our earthly reality. This Advent, as we get ready for Christmas, God wants us to know the reality he has given us. That reality helps us live with the right expectations for the present, the future, and forever. With his reality our expectations will be met and then some, because Jesus is the Savior who came, who saved us, and who has an eternal home for us. 

Join us at 10:30am each Sunday leading up to Christmas for the series "Expectation vs. Reality".

December 3rd: Repentance
December 10th: Happiness
December 17th: Ready to Receive