Unshakeable: Our Faith Isn't, but Our God Is

The answer for so many of the struggles in life is having a stronger faith—a faith that believes that in spite of our sins, we are loved and forgiven by God in spite of our sins, and a faith that trusts that God will ultimately provide, help, heal, and/or work it (read: everything) out according to his wisdom. In this series we will take a closer look at the gift of faith, where it comes from, and what it looks like in the believer’s life. In the process, may your faith be strengthened!

June 24th | Faith Simply Trusts

July 1st | Faith Treasures Jesus' Forgiveness

July 8th | Faith Is Refined in the Fires of Affliction

July 15th | Faith Believes that Dying is Living

July 22nd | Faith Makes Us Ministry Partners

July 29th | Faith Doesn't Ask Why

August 5th | Faith Loves to Sit at Jesus' Feet