Fighting Temptation

We are all voluntary victims of Satan’s seductions. Look at your life and you’ll find far too many times of shame and sin when Satan successfully placed a temptation before you and you didn’t say no. You may wonder exactly why you did it, but the fact did it. Satan knows our every weakness. He custom tailors temptations for individuals. This Lenten season, we examine some of those tailor-made temptations. We also examine how the Holy Spirit specifically equips us through God's Word, and we see that by unearthing sin and applying forgiveness, we are indeed able to fight those temptations.

March 10 | When you’ve just lost the battle

March 17 | When you feel like giving up

March 24 | When you feel you should be in charge

March 31 | When you’ve gone too far

April 7 | When your past guilt piles up

April 14 | When you turn to the Lord with joy

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