His Promise

Come as your are and experience just a couple of the many amazing promises Jesus has made for you!

October 30 Reformation “You Are Free.”

We live in the land of the free, and there are few things we value more than freedom. At the core of our being, we want the freedom to do what we want, to have what we want, and even to believe what we want. But that isn’t true freedom. This world and our own doing will never provide the absolute sensation of freedom. Despite our efforts, we are always competing, always desiring more, always having to work harder. Martin Luther learned this lesson as he tried to find real freedom in this life. He found it. In Christ Jesus, your heart is completely set free because of his gracious work, his life, his efforts. Only in Christ will you be blissfully and truly free.


November 6 – Last Judgment “You Don’t Need To Fear.”

Every person has faced a pending judgment. A kid caught stealing now stands before their parents. A young adult caught cheating in class now stands before their teacher. An adult caught slacking at work or showing up late now stands before their boss. Knowing your fate is in someone else's hands is frightening. How much more frightened are we as we stand before the all-knowing God with all of our sins laid bare? The promise of the Last Judgment is filled with grace and mercy. With complete confidence, we know as Christians that we don’t have to fear that day. We know, in Christ Jesus, we are declared innocent in his blood. Praise be to Christ!


November 13 – Saints Triumphant “You Will Live.”

Nothing is more guaranteed in this life than death. No matter how advanced medicine, science, and healthcare get, every human being will face death. Even though we know this, it doesn’t necessarily make death easier to handle. Death is horrid. Death is absolutely not right. Thanks be to our loving God that he would not put up with it. Instead, today we celebrate the greatest gift mankind has ever been given. Through the grace of our Savior Jesus Christ, we will not die, but live. And more than that, our eternity is not just a place of ethereal bliss, but a real life. A life in which Jesus will bless us with everything this world lacks.


November 20 – Thanksgiving/Christ the King “It Will All Be Made Right.”

Why is this happening? That is a question that arises in the midst of many of life’s issues. Financial loss. Being back-stabbed by a friend. Natural disaster. The sudden loss of a loved one. The reality of a sin-stricken world is that there will be anguish, suffering, and disappointment. An imperfect world brings imperfect and often terrifying events. But we give thanks that this is not how it will be forever. Instead, Christ the ruler of all things points us to a day when none of those problems will touch us ever again. In paradise, the evils of our current world will be undone and made right. We look forward to that day where we will live in a world that is right, forever.

Healthy Habits...

...Of Ever-Growing Christians

Almost everyone has an ideal of how they'd like to live life, how they'd like to be. She knows how he'd like to treat her family, he knows how he'd like to treat his friends...but it's all easier said than done. The Bible not only lays out what healthy habits of ever-growing Christians are, but also shows us the power that enables us to live in such ways, and tells us what happens when we inevitably don't. 

9/18 - Wisdom With Wealth

9/25 - Making the Most of Opportunities

10/2 - Doing Your Duty

10/9 - Living Thankfully

10/16 - Praying Persistently

Come check out what the Bible says about healthy ways to live your life, and what gives you the power to live such a life, at 10:30am each Sunday--hope to see you here @ 8420 Runyan Lake Road just south of Fenton!