I'm New

Thanks for checking us out. If you’re new to church or new to our church, that’s ok. Actually, that's great! We're glad you're here. Here are some answers to questions to help you get a little more familiar with us.

What can I expect in a worship service?

Our worship services typically last an hour and the focus will always be Jesus and the Bible. Every Sunday expect to hear God’s Word convict you of your sin and then proclaim your forgiveness. You will hear this message in the Bible readings, in the songs we sing, and in the sermon. We are a church that follows an order of service, or a liturgy. Some of these orders of services have been used by Christians for over 1500 years.

What should I wear?

Some people wear shirts and ties or dresses. Other people wear jeans. Don’t worry too much about your apparel - we are just happy to be able to tell you about Jesus.

What do you offer families?

We believe that when parents are in God’s Word they are better parents. They become models of love and forgiveness. When husbands are in God’s Word they are better husbands. They show the same love to their wives that Christ showed to people like us. When wives are in the Word they are better wives. They show the patience and support that God showed his people throughout the Bible. And when kids are in the Word they become better kids. They become models of the love of Christ. We believe it is important to teach the Bible to the family as a whole.

Will I be asked for money?

During our services we do take an offering. It is the way that we continue our work in the Tri-County area, and without it we could not carry that work out. However, when you come, you are our guest and we do not require anyone to give an offering.

What exactly is a Lutheran?

Lutheran history really begins with a man named Martin Luther. He was a German pastor in the 1500s who led a straying church back to God’s Word and the work of Jesus.

Though not all Lutherans are similar, we reflect what Luther taught and what the Bible teaches. We believe that people are born sinful. In other words, we can’t help but do wrong and we need to be rescued from sin and wrongdoing. Jesus is that rescuer. He is given to us by God’s undeserved love for people. We come to know him through the Bible. We are saved and will enjoy eternal life in heaven only by faith in him. Lutherans are all about the problem of our sin and God’s solution to that problem. Historically, Lutheran teaching is summarized in the Lutheran Confessions.